Burberry has released a trailer for a movie that doesn’t actually exist

Burberry has released a trailer for a movie that doesn’t actually exist

Originally published by me on BeautyNews.com.au.

A love affair, an adventurer, an innovator and a betrayal – the gripping new campaign video for Burberry’s The Tale of Thomas Burberry pretty much has it all.

Put simply, the three minute feature is something truly spectacular. It’s basically a blockbuster trailer promoting a movie that centres around the life of the company’s founder, Thomas Burberry. And considering the man created the most well-known British clothing brand ever, there’s no doubt the film would have many, many interesting stories to explore…

Too bad it doesn’t actually exist. Here’s the deal: to celebrate Burberry’s 160th anniversary, the fashion company created a super quick Thomas Burberry biopic. And quite frankly, it’s a real shame because the movie looks crazy good.

The trailer’s faux cast includes actor, Domhnall Glesson, who plays leading man, Mr Burberry, as well as Sienna Miller – Burberry’s fictional first love. Dominic West plays Ernest Shakleton – an explorer who supported Burberry from day dot. And finally, Lily James, who stars as a character loosely based on famous pilot, Betty Kirby-Green, who once broke a world record for flying from Croydon, England to Cape Town, South Africa while being decked head to toe in Burberry.

The would-be-film focuses on Winston Churchill’s battle against Hitler’s army during World War II, and has a kind of Downton Abbey feel to it.

Burberry’s chief creative and chief executive officer, Christopher Bailey, revealed they wanted to tell the story in their own words, while also paying tribute to the brand’s 160th anniversary.

“The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the 20th century in all its tumultuous highs and lows,” he said.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, apparently we’re not the only ones who think so.

“I want there to be a full movie,” Lily James said in an interview. “And with the amount of footage we shot, I’m sure they could have made a film. We invested in the characters, and it was shot like a normal film.”

The mini movie also sheds light on the founder’s main innovations and accomplishments. Whether it was designing uniforms for British soldiers, perfecting the art of the trench coat or even helping people develop their own fashion dreams, Burberry’s done it.

If only we could figure out a way to turn this trailer into a full-length movie.


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