New Gilmore Girls’ website released

New Gilmore Girls’ website released

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It’s time to grab your coffee and junk food, Gilmore fans! It looks like we’re in for a long day of web surfing. A Stars Hollow replica website has just been released and it’s everything we ever wanted in life.



The cool new website was delivered after Gilmore Girls reached a number of awesome milestones. 16 years ago today, the world was blessed with the very first episode of everyone’s favourite dramedy. But more importantly, now it’s only 50 days until its revival, A Year in the Life, lands on Netflix.

As most of us probably know (and you’re missing out if you don’t) Stars Hollow is the wacky town where all of our fave GG stars live. It’s full of intense town meetings, crazy ballet schools and of course Luke’s diner (no phones allowed!)

Due to its super close knit community, there are absolutely no secrets in this town. That’s how we know the new website has actually been around since 2007, and that Kirk just forgot the password (no, we’re not surprised either). We’re just wondering if he’s been fined by Taylor yet…

The site is just like the real Stars Hollow website, and it even has a section where the concerned public can submit questions and suggestions for future meetings. It has town updates (Rory’s graduation dilemma… why can’t the whole town attend?) and much more.

In further celebration, Netflix has also released a new trailer with both new and old GG clips. Let us rejoice!

While we’re stoked we’re getting so many spoilers and treats, we’re kinda just hoping November 25 would hurry the hell up. Oy with the poodles already!


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