Deliberation, Consideration and Hesitation – My Final BCM240 Project Idea

Deliberation, Consideration and Hesitation – My Final BCM240 Project Idea


After a lot of deliberation, consideration and hesitation – I think I have finally decided what to do for my final BCM240 research project. I have changed my mind several times already, but I’m pretty happy with this idea, so hopefully it sticks.

Since Netflix Australia’s very delayed introduction this year, I’ve already watched a huge selection of what it has to offer. However, I have found that Netflix’s release dates for most movies and television shows are significantly later than other countries. I think this is interesting, as I’m sure that when a huge number of people aren’t able to watch what they want, they resign to downloading or streaming them online. I find it fascinating that Netflix hasn’t been able to obtain a wider selection of content for their Australian audience. After all, if they had more content, more Australian customers would most likely subscribe to their service.

I’m aware that there are probably laws regarding all of the above, and I fully intend to research them before starting my project. I also plan to research release dates, statistics and obtain people’s personal opinions. As demographics, such as age, gender and location will influence people’s opinions, I will need to take these into account as well.

I know Australian people who use a VPN to access the American Netflix when they feel limited by the the Australian version. I think it will be interesting to hear their opinions as to why they do this, and how they think both versions differ. I will interview a few different people so that I can gain as many varied opinions as possible.

I am excited about this project, and I am keen to hear your opinions. Please let me know if you have any advice, or if you think my idea is good in general.

Thank you!


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