Cookies? Why Yes, I’d Love Some! A Tale Of Internet 21st Century Life

Cookies? Why Yes, I’d Love Some! A Tale Of Internet 21st Century Life

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In my previous post, A Tale of Tanya, Television and Time, I explored my friend’s experiences with television throughout her childhood. A few days ago, I returned to Tanya’s home in hopes of interviewing her about her current Internet data plan/s. I was in luck, as I was also able to speak with a few other members of her household who were able to offer their own primarily unique perspectives. I think that this was an effective way to demonstrate just how much technology has evolved, and continues to evolve.

When I asked Tanya about her current Internet data plan/s, and whether they were adequate enough for her household of three, she had a lot to say. “Our house has one data plan, and it’s called Exetel Unlimited Internet. Not many people have heard of it, but it’s a bit cheaper than the other Internet companies and it works well.” Tanya’s adult children visit her and her husband a lot, and they are always more than willing to lend a hand when it comes to technology. “The kids taught me how to download movies, so I do that quite frequently. I watch them on my iPad, but I also have Netflix on the TV.”

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Tanya’s youngest son, 23-year-old Brad, still lives at home, which is why Tanya and her family decided to get an unlimited Internet plan. “We only have it (unlimited Internet) because we recently got Netflix, and Brad kept using up all of the data!” Tanya laughs. Tanya’s husband, Andrew, also enjoys the faster Internet because he likes to watch the rugby league online. Otherwise, Andrew is not a huge fan of the Internet, and doesn’t use it very often. He explained that Tanya had a Facebook page, but he didn’t want anything to do with it. “To be honest, I would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air,” he says. “I’m too old.” According to a 2015 survey conducted by Pew Research Centre, Andrew is not alone. They found that middle aged women are more likely to own a Facebook account compared to men.

Tanya admitted that she and Andrew probably weren’t the best people to ask about the household devices, so she pointed me towards her resident tech-savvy son, who was more than happy to contribute to the conversation. “We have an Internet modem, and Wi-Fi that allows us to connect it to multiple devices,” Brad says. “So, we have the main computer, several televisions, two iPads, two laptops and three iPhones.” Brad and Tanya confirmed that all of these devices are able to connect to the broadband, but their iPhones also have separate data plans with Virgin Mobile.

“My mum is pretty good with the Internet,” Brad says. “But honestly, I’m surprised that dad even knows how to turn the computer on.” Brad admitted that he sometimes feels exasperated at his parents’ lack of technological knowledge, but then he remembers the time that his mother shared the below image on his Facebook wall. “Maybe they’re not so bad after all.”

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Below is a video called “21st Century Internet Baby”. It is an advertisement created by MTS, an international mobile phone company, and it exaggerates the idea of 21st century children being “technology whizzes”. I found this advertisement amusing, and thought that I would share it.


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