Those Who are in Charge of the Media are in Charge of the Nation

Those Who are in Charge of the Media are in Charge of the Nation

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“Those Who are in Charge of the Media are in Charge of the Nation.” This is why it matters who controls the media.

We are a nation that relies entirely upon media, not only to keep informed with current events and affairs, but also to keep in touch with our friends through social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We also seek entertainment through means such as television programs, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.  The fact that media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Bruce Gordon have all become household names says a lot about the media’s ongoing power, and that their power is increasing as technology develops.  Considering that Fairfax Media, which Gina Rinehart holds a share stake of approximately 14.9%, and News Corporation, which Rupert Murdoch is the chairperson of, are two of the biggest organisations in the world confirms that it does in fact matter who owns the media.

The media have extreme control over the entire nation because they have the ability to monitor and control public discourse, which is the way people communicate about things. In order to produce the results they are looking for, the media constantly monitors what we are talking about and then modifies it with interesting and attention grabbing headlines to influence the way in which the public views said subjects. The media also has power over which groups of people or individuals are given broadcasting time, and may choose people in a controlled and specific manner in order to influence the intended outcome they wish to portray.

Considering that many of the same news organisations control a variety of different news channels and sources, information becomes significantly restricted and biased. This is because the same stories are being relayed on a number of different channels, meaning we constantly view the same things with the same views of the same people.  This type of media ownership is affecting our ideologies because if one person owns everything, their views are seen everywhere and it is biasing the way we view the world.

The media may be described as an “ideological state of apparatus”, serving the interests of those in power.  Some causes of concern may also include pluralism for a healthy media, editorial independence and the competition of other news sources.  All news sources are in competition with each other and may feel the need to go to extreme lengths to have more interesting stories than their rivals, thus exaggerating their own and basically competing for ratings in any way that they can. This is a concern for the public because the information viewed may not be accurate.

Because the media is so powerful, everyone is involved with it one way or another – whether it be the elderly watching news programs at night, adults reading the newspaper, teenagers flicking through magazines or children watching television, it is clear that the media influences us all in our daily lives.  Please view this website for an idea on public perception on the media throughout the years, such as polling information as to the public’s preferred news sources and more.

To end on a lighter note, please take a look at the article: Fooled by ‘The Onion’: 9 Most Embarrassing Fails’ (by Kevin Fallon) which details a few instances where a website which parodies traditional news reporting stories using humour and mockery, called The Onion, has fooled its viewers into believing that their articles are truthful, when in fact they are not.  By creating these articles, and the way in which an uproar quite often occurs when doing so, it proves that people in media have the ability to greatly influence minds in very simple and very routine ways.  This sums up why those who are in charge of the media are in charge of the nation.


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8 thoughts on “Those Who are in Charge of the Media are in Charge of the Nation

  1. Hi , I’m reading others blogs to sense if I am getting close to what is happening. I thought that you would want to know that in the first paragraph you have written Bruce Gordon twice when naming the media owners.

  2. Hi 🙂 This was really interesting to read and so much easier to process and understand in my mind. I also love the picture I think it portrays media control well

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